Three Fearful Days


San Francisco. Joaquin Miller

The San Francisco Earthquake.
Map of burnt district.
Adding human interest. (Preface)
A city is shaken. (Introduction)

The day before . . . Harry J. Coleman
A night at the opera. Marcelle Assan
Restless horses. James Hopper
5:12:05 a.m. Various
Escape from Central Emergency Hospital. Edmond F. Parquette
A nurse's story. Lucy B. Fisher
Cattle stampede at Mission and Fremont. Harry F. Walsh
Mayor Schmitz takes control. Eugene E. Schmitz
Breakfast in the Palace Palm Court. James W. Byrne
A strange elation. James Hopper
Ludicrous sights. Arnold Genthe
Hugh Kwong Liang's story. Hugh Kwong Liang
Three days adrift. Mary Edith Griswold
Procession of the trunk-pullers. Jack London
"Like wind through a cornfield." Eric Temple Bell
Family matters. Mabel Coxe
Kaleidoscopic vision. James Hopper
Picturing the city. Harry J. Coleman
Newshounds raid mayor's cellar. Harry J. Coleman
Saving the Mint—from the inside! Frank A. Leach
Fighting for the Palace. James W. Byrne
Mrs. Irvine's jewels. James W. Byrne
How they saved Hotaling's Whisky. Edward M. Lind
The dignity of ruins. Louise Herrick Wall
Sublime spectacle. Charles B. Sedgwick
The funny side. Charles B. Sedgwick
Caruso talks back. Enrico Caruso
"The real San Francisco." Annie Laurie
Street life, with stove and piano. Henry C. Schmitt
Neither snow, nor rain, nor earthquake . . . William F. Burke
God poses, photographer exposes. Arnold Genthe
At the feet of a goddess. Harry J. Coleman
Holding back the volunteers. Frank Hittell
The defiant Mr. Stetson. James B. Stetson
A letter from a National Guardsman. Elmer E. Enewold
The shooting of Cadet Aten. Irvine Pressley Aten
"My dear Elise . . . " Catherine Golcher
As told by the children. Various
"The most sociable time." Pauline Jacobson
The nation responds. Richard Barry
A "subjective" view. William James
A joyous renaissance.
Edwin Emerson Jr.

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