More San Francisco Memoirs 1852 -1899


California Theater, Bush Street, c. 1877   
Yerba buena plant.  Spine.
Cable cars on Telegraph Hill.
Jackson Street Wharf, 1859.
Montgomery Street, 1854.
Montgomery Block.
Mission Dolores, circa 1855.
Hounds raid the Chilean quarter.
Steam paddy on Harrison Street.
Second Street before and after the cut.
One of the first cable cars.
The elegant 90s in Golden Gate Park.
Battery Street, circa 1856.
Théophile de Rutté.
Bear-and-bull fight at Mission Dolores.
The beach and Seal Rocks.
Charles Warren Stoddard.
The Cobweb Palace at Meiggs' Wharf.
The woolen mills at Black Point.
William Taylor.
Surrender of Casey and Cora
Public executions of Casey and Cora.
Seal of Committee of Vigilance.
Mary Jane Megquier.
A meeting of vigilantes.
San Francisco in 1854.
A society ball.
Amelia Ransome Neville.
Louis Laurent Simonin.Free lunch.
Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
Oriental Hotel.
Looking down California Street.
The Second Street cut.
South Park and Rincon Hill.
Mission Dolores, circa 1865.
T. A. Barry and B. A. Patten.
Pro-Union rally, February 22, 1861.
Russian Hill from Filbert and Grant.
Bishop Oscar P. Fitzgerald.
Emperor Norton.
Albert S. Evans.
The poundmaster.
Bummer and Lazarus.
Mark Twain.
The Cliff House.
Samuel Bowles.
After the earthquake, Oct., 1868.
The Yosemite at Broadway Wharf.
Palace Hotel, opened in 1875.
Anthony Trollope.
San Francisco in 1875.
Samuel Williams.
Hoodlums of San Francisco
Guillermo Prieto.
Market Street at Geary, 1880s.
A leisurely day in Golden Gate Park.
Birdseye view of San Francisco.
Rudyard Kipling.
Powell and Sutter streets in the 1890s.
Malcolm E. Barker.

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