San Francisco Memoirs 1835 - 1851


List of illustrations.
Voices from a foreign time. (Preface)
What's in a name?
A city is born. (Introduction)

Yerba Buena 1835-1847
Three weeks before the mast. Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
Bears, wolves, and coyotes. Steve Richardson
Revolt, occupation, and foreign intrigue. John Henry Brown
Raising the flag. Joseph T. Downey
The Mormons, and Sam Brannan. Joseph T. Downey
The night they cried "To arms!" Joseph T. Downey
When the governor came to town. Joseph T. Downey
The governor's brawl. Joseph T. Downey
Mormons at the Mission Dolores. Mary Holland Sparks
Through the eyes of a child. James Horace Skinner
A different class of people. John Henry Brown

Miners & gamblers 1848-1849
"Now is the time for making money." Ann Eliza Brannan
Food and faro. John Henry Brown
Gold at $6 an ounce. John Henry Brown
Noise and confusion. Vicente Pérez Rosales
A Yankee trick. John Henry Brown
One way to win. Vicente Pérez Rosales
The Polka Saloon. William Perkins
The metamorphosis of a miner. William F. White
"Pretty dames, fresh from New York."
Vicente Pérez Rosales

Daily Life 1849-1850
Sentence reversed. Vicente Pérez Rosales
A dandy transformed. William Perkins
"Creeping things abounded." William Shaw
The trouble with iron houses. Frank Marryat
Eldorado. Bayard Taylor
A September day in '49. Bayard Taylor
A heterogeneous population. James J. Ayers
That wretched place, San Francisco! Eliza W. Farnham
Life and death at City Hospital. William Taylor
Mail call! Bayard Taylor
"This land of gold and wonders." Mary Jane Megquier
The candy man. T. A. Barry and B. A. Patten
The little girl across the road. T. A. Barry and B. A. Patten
A lady at the Montgomery House. Sarah Royce
"Home again!"
Sarah Royce

A city transformed 1850-1851
A changed town. Frank Marryat
Toothpicks and broken watches. Albert Benard de Russailh
A Frenchman's views. Albert Benard de Russailh 
"Why don't you kiss me, Bessy?" 
Mrs. D. B. Bates

Fire! 1849-1851
Christmas inferno. Théophile de Rutté
A spark in the fog. Bayard Taylor
He who hesitates . . . T. A. Barry and B. A. Patten
A city in ruins. Albert Benard de Russailh
Life after the big fire.
Mrs. D. B. Bates

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